The Political Party of Entitlement Spending is …

On this historic day of both Federal Government “Shutdown” and Obamacare insurance exchanges being opened for the first time, it is no surprise that a friend of mine and I were talking and the subject drifted to politics. Being that the “shutdown” is related to Obamacare and Obamacare represents an unprecedented expansion of entitlement spending on a national scale, the topic quickly became entitlement spending in general. During this conversation, my liberal friend told me

“entitlement spending has expanded more in the last 50 years under Republican presidents than under Democrat presidents”

Well, I will admit that I expressed an immediate knee-jerk reaction that he must be mistaken. However, as I always do, I entertained him for a more detailed explanation of this claim…

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The ‘Sequester’ Cuts Will NOT Greatly Impact Our Country

During a discussion today about the automatic spending cuts (popularly called the ‘sequester’), my liberal friend told me with great energy and conviction that

“the Republicans invented these cuts and are trying to force them through to cause a government shutdown.”

While I normally try to maintain an open mind during these discussions, this was a rare occasion where I had reviewed enough of the facts in advance to provide some immediate reassurance to some of my friends concerns.

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Obama: Not the Thriftiest President Since Eisenhower

A few weeks before his recent re-election, a liberal friend and I were talking when they told me how happy they were with President Obama and how pleased  they were with all the things he had accomplished during his first term as President. They finished by saying

“[Obama] managed to do all of that with budgets that spent less than any president since Eisenhower.”

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Obamacare Provisions Part 1 – Ideological Objections Against the Individual Mandate

Recently, in defense of the individual mandate to purchase health insurance present in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA or, more popularly, Obamacare for short) my liberal friend told me that “any kind of health reform that includes requiring insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions must also mandate participation in the system, otherwise we would all wait to buy insurance until we knew we were sick and cancel again when we were well. That defeats the purpose of the insurance model.”

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Obamacare Provisions Part 3 – Practical Objections to Eliminating Pre-Existing Condition Exclusions

This post builds on the case begun in Part 1 and continued in Part 2. While not compulsory, it is recommended to read the three parts in order. I will copy the premise from part 1 so that this part can better stand on its own.

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Is Obamacare Bi-Partisan?

We were talking recently when my liberal friend told me that “Obamacare is bi-partisan and was widely supported by a majority of Congress when it was created.”

At the time, not exactly sure of whether my friend was correct, I replied to them that “I didn’t think that it was, but I would look into it and let them know what I found.” Well, I am happy to say that I have looked into it, and I would like to share what I found right here.

Furthermore, I think it would be helpful to summarize the origins of two pieces of health care legislation. It will be more instructive to first highlight an undisputed example of bi-partisan health care legislation – if only to provide context for the evaluation of the accuracy of my friend’s statement.

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